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Friday, February 3, 2012

Bloggers are happier people

I just want to thank my cousin Claudia for encouraging me to blog. 

"Apparently" bloggers are happier people, because they can share their feelings, emotions and write about things they love! Hence my consistent positive status updates. ;)

I am passionate about & love writing & words.
I am passionate about & love cooking, eating good food at good restaurants, dancing at good clubs & sipping tasty cocktails at good bars.
I am passionate about supporting local artists & local business.
I love promoting what this amazing city of Sydney has to offer and I love sharing my amazing life experiences with the world.
I love helping others & spreading good positive messages.

The blogs and social networks are a great medium to do so and they give you the reader, (which I am also thankful for) an opportunity to see the world through my eyes:

The Secret Life of Angel

So this is for you Claudia for believing in my ability to creatively put words together that keep the people reading. I Love you Claudz. ;)


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