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Friday, February 3, 2012

Bloggers are happier people

I just want to thank my cousin Claudia for encouraging me to blog. 

"Apparently" bloggers are happier people, because they can share their feelings, emotions and write about things they love! Hence my consistent positive status updates. ;)

I am passionate about & love writing & words.
I am passionate about & love cooking, eating good food at good restaurants, dancing at good clubs & sipping tasty cocktails at good bars.
I am passionate about supporting local artists & local business.
I love promoting what this amazing city of Sydney has to offer and I love sharing my amazing life experiences with the world.
I love helping others & spreading good positive messages.

The blogs and social networks are a great medium to do so and they give you the reader, (which I am also thankful for) an opportunity to see the world through my eyes:

The Secret Life of Angel

So this is for you Claudia for believing in my ability to creatively put words together that keep the people reading. I Love you Claudz. ;)


Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I was up late last night writing.... So today I wanted to send a BIG shout out to my girls...MY TRUE FRIENDS...MY SISTA's... ;)))

Daphnée Bernard - Friends since we were 12 years old - I MISS YOU, you have no idea how much...Daffy come home we can sweat it out on the dance floor & laugh at each others stories & speak our OWN language! Haha ;)) are you laughing now? I love you Dufne!! ;))  

Valerie Wilden My girl since the 6th grade - You still look exactly the same! From the day we met.... You have the hottest body! FOR REAL THO YO HO!!! hahaha ;) You just get IT girl and ME! I'm grateful for you and I Love you Valleberry ;)) 

Sonia Toauk - My beautiful friend Sonia, you completely understand me as a woman.  
Thank you so much for always making me laugh and for all the advice you have given me over the years... Love you girl.... ;)

Tiana Canterbury my sister & loyal friend... THANK YOU for your continued support & belief in me... You have no idea how much it means! You are amazingly gifted and talented and a wonderful mother to my niece and nephew - THANK YOU for being you and for loving my brother... This is yours & my brothers year to SHINE to the WHOLE world... I love you Tweety Bird...

Lisa Viola I LOVE you girl... my new & special friend! You remind me of me! Because you are smart & honest! ;)) But YOU have this AMAZING glow & you can dance & sing way better than I can... I hope the world is ready for YOU!! Because you are going to be a HUGE star! 

Therese Hanna a grown ass woman who balances my craziness... You are so intelligent.. you make me see things logically...& you LOVE me I know it! I love you more girl...;))) 

Shoneez Adamson Shonneezzzyyy...You have grown into a strong & beautiful woman... You are always there..You always call me to see how I am going... I appreciate it & I wanna thank ya girl! Love you Neezzyy..... ;)

Kerry-Lynne Rolando KL... THANK YOU... You're outlook on life is just amazing... Your belief system is extremely admirable! Thank you too for your belief in me and your support of the things I want to do in life......I love you KL!!! ;)

Rhonda Price PPPPP...... You know I love you girl... I am very proud of you.. and so glad we met that night at the club!!! You are a part of the CHAMPION family.... I will always be there for you girl!!! My big sister / brother!! hahah Love you PP! :)) 

GIRLS I can't wait to SHAKE it again on the DANCE FLOOR with you all....I feel SO blessed and am SO THANKFUL to the ALMIGHTY one for blessing me with "REALLY GOOD" GIRL FRIENDS!!! 

Shirlsy & Tunya Vasquez I love you ladies.. and am so happy I have met you both.. You are both very important to me... Shirley thank you for always supporting me and believing in me.. Thank you for all your advice.. I love you Shirlz... Tun...You are so bloody fashionable I just LOVE IT & you just became this AMAZING mother.. over night! You amaze me... I am so grateful that I found someone like you... that understands my hair and me... LOVE you TUN.. :))

Renee Neufville - I love you Ney Ney.. you are an amazingly beautiful woman! You are so talented and gifted... Thank you for sharing so many special moments with me.. you have no idea how much it has meant to me... Even though we are worlds apart I feel like we will forever have a connection.... I hope to see you again soon girl..Please keep sharing your amazing music and gifts with the world... forever more... My sista for life.. Love you girl... ;))  

Georgie Koch - I love you Georgie.. You know when you have a friend that you meet and you just click and just feel like you know each other and walk the same vibration... Well that's how I feel  with you girl! It meant so much to me that you visited me in hospital...  THANK YOU and hope we can spend more time together.. Keep writing RED RIMS.. and keep showing the world who you are and shining through your beautiful smile... ;))

Paz Molina - You are so beautiful! Like WOW! And you are super smart...I love it when "THE PAZ" walks  into the spot we are at & everyone turns to look... You are awesome to be around.. Hope we can spend more time together....Love you Paz... ;))  

Tracy Esau -WOW girl you are amazingly talented! I am so glad we met! You are such a beautiful girl and you are hot and you can dance.. YOUR future is bright Trace.. believe in yourself & talents and gifts and you will be on top of the world very soon... Love you Trace..;)

Eden Dessalegn - Girl you are an amazing bundle of energy and you are very talented!  It is great to have you around! You will go far in life... Just always know your worth and know you deserve the nothing but the best Love you girl...;)) 

Leanne Conway - Leanne.. you are such a beautiful woman... I am so happy to have you in my life... I will always be here to support your business... Love you x

Chinta Bakar.. Even if I don't see you these days.. I want to thank you for all your supportive words and all your help with my work.. It is greatly appreciated... I hope you are happy in life and  want you to know that I am always here.. only a phone call away.. I Love you girl.. xxx

Roxy and Candy Cupido... I love you girls and I miss you... We will forever have a bond from childhood that is unbreakable... I wish you girls a life time of happiness and success and really want to say THANK YOU for all the fun & laughter we have shared... I love you both very much x

I feel blessed and am so THANKFUL to the ALMIGHTY one for blessing me with "REALLY" GOOD GIRL FRIENDS!!! 


Luv Angel

Monday, January 30, 2012


OMG! Dougie comps, Booty shaking comps! Sold out URBAN Music Festivals and HIP HOP Concerts, All female AFRICAN DANCE groups, Australian Soul & R & B artists being interviewed in the UK & the US, ALOT of clubs in Sydney playing HIP HOP, R & B & OLD SKOOL....

It is amazing the URBAN MUSIC culture has grown so much in AUSTRALIA over the years! It is AWESOME! So why don't the labels, mainstream radio & TV channels support it and OUR LOCAL ARTISTS???

Why do they still continue to play music from overseas artists in this genre & refuse to back the URBAN Musicians IN THIS CITY?? It does not make sense the PEOPLE WANT IT it's in demand...  The Arias, they lack SOUL & CULTURE, the TV shows lack SOUL & COLOUR & DIVERSITY... WHY IS THIS SO?  

We live in one of the most multi-cultural countries in the ENTIRE WORLD & still we refuse to embrace EVERY culture... I find this so hard to believe..... 

For those of you who do support our local artists, musicians and the URBAN MUSIC CULTURE & recognise just how diverse AUSTRALIA has become - THANK YOU & please continue to do so...





Monday, January 16, 2012

Everyday I dream....

I thought today would be appropriate to express my dreams:

"Every day I dream, that one
day we will all live in harmonious peace on every continent, in every country, in every city, in every state and in every household all over the world.

Every day I dream that my brothers and sisters in Africa and every third world country will be free from poverty and I pray that those who live with extreme... wealth find it in their hearts to share.

Every day I dream that men and woman, gay and lesbian, black or white, will be granted equal rights and equal opportunity all over the world.

Everyday I dream that children and woman who are sold & used as sex slaves are granted freedom.

Everyday I dream we find a cure for every life threatening disease in the world.

Everyday I dream that woman learn about their inner strength, power & beauty and use it to become successful and to
do good and help others.

Everyday I dream that every human being who is healthy, wealthy and happy counts and appreciates their blessings, wakes up everyday and says thank you!

Everyday I dream that every human being finds their passion, sets goals & works hard to achieve & live their dreams.

Everyday I dream that every human being lives and appreciates their life to the fullest.

Everyday I dream that we look deep into our inner souls and find love.

Everyday I dream that when we
find this love in ourselves we give it to others, those all around us and especially to those in need!"

Oh yes I'm a dreamer! But my dream can become a reality, if each and every one of us do just a little bit everyday.

Happy Martin Luther King day to all my friends in the US! 

May his dream live on! 


Monday, December 19, 2011


Mumma I just wanted to say thank you
I just wanted to say I love you
I wanted to say I admire you
I wanted to say I adore you

I love the woman you are and taught us to be
You are so beautiful, you are the definition of a real woman
You have been the most amazing mother to me and to my brothers and sisters
You are always there to carry us through
Your love is unconditional and heart felt
Your smile so radiant and your laugh infectious

Thank you for everything you have done for us
Thank you for always putting us first
Thank you for cooking the best food
Thank you for cleaning our home
Thank you for making our home a home
Thank you for coming home after work and cooking and cleaning and getting our uniforms ready
Thank you for sitting by my hospital bed
Thank you for the money

You are the strongest woman I know
In the 35 years I have known you I have hardly ever seen you shed a tear
You are our Rock

In the words of a great lyricist 2 PAC: 
"Through the drama I can always depend on my mama
I gotta thank the lord that you made me and all the extra love that you gave me...
Dear Mama you are appreciated....."

And as BOYS II MEN said:
"Mumma you  know I love...
You know I love you mumma
Mumma you're the queen of my heart
Your love is like tears from the stars
Mumma I just want you to know, loving you is like food to my soul"

And in Angel's words:
The love I feel for you is like no other
You are a beautiful woman and most amazing mother
I thank God everyday for blessing me with you
Without you I don't know what I would do
You are always there for me
When you laugh it makes me happy
You give me strength when I am weak
You pick me up when I am meak
Thank you mummy you are my queen
Thank you for everything

Live everyday for the rest of your life like it's your birthday....
I wish you eternal happiness and prosperity.
I love you with my heart and soul..

She loves Miss Piggy! ;)

Mum at 60


She is the best grandmother...


Kisses for mumma

Mumma with her girls....